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Blogger Love + Birthday GIVEAWAY! (INT, ends 4/21)

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Today I turn 26.

Depending on the second, I'm incredibly happy or depressingly sad about it. Which I kind of figure to work into a happy medium of accepting being this old/young and being at the point in my life that I am. It's not quite where I thought I'd be (actually, it's not at all) but I have to admit...I'm actually pretty happy. Maybe there are aspects of my life I'm still trying to change, but overall? I have the love and friendship of so many more people than I ever though I would deserve, and that's all that matters.

I want to spread that love through the book blogosphere too.

Lately it seems there's been a lot of negativity in this little corner of the web, and that makes me sad since my book blog is the source of so much happiness. I mean, it's about books and YA lit and swoony boys and gripping stories! You can't tell me that's not a recipe for happiness. So I want to bring a little positivity, and I hope this will do.

First, please read this post from Jamie, and this post from Jen. They are both brilliant.

Next, I want to list just a few of the book blogs and bloggers whom I adore to no end. For varying reasons: some I know personally and get along with so well, others I admire their honesty in writing and blogging, some I find their reviews to be thoughtful and thorough...some even fall under all of that. Some none of it. Just know that this following list, in no particular order, are some of the blogs that keep me going day in and day out.

The Prize
Mila 2.0 by Debra Driza
Let the Sky Fall by Shannon Messenger

There will be TWO (2) winners!
One (1) US winner will get BOTH the above books! Both are hardcover, both are signed. (LTSF will be when I see her on the 27th!)
One (1) INTERNATIONAL winner will get to choose either Mila 2.0 or Let the Sky Fall! As long as The Book Depository ships to you, then you are eligible to enter this!

Why Mila 2.0 and LTSF? Because this post is about love and I loved both these stories; and I also happen to love the authors as well. Debra and Shannon are two of the sweetest, most awesome authors I've ever met and I jump for joy every time I get to see and/or hang out with them. They never fail to greet me with a smile and hug, and I want nothing more than to support them any way I can.

This isn't going to be your typical giveaway. Rather than make you do things like following my blog, tweeting, goodreads, etc., I want the focus to be on the LOVE and BRILLIANCE of this book blogging community.
In the comments, tell me a book blog/blogger you absolutely love and WHY. That's it!
Please don't just write "because they're awesome" - true as I'm sure that is, I want to know, for real, why you love this person/person's site. Don't be creepy of course, but tell me why exactly they stand out to you. Maybe you love their writing, or their review style, or their layout...maybe they posted the cutest puppy picture ever and you want it - it could be anything! Make sure you leave the link to their blog too, because I want to know!

(Don't forget to leave if you're US or International, and a way to contact you, too!)

It is my hope that this post will be filled with amazing words and uplifting thoughts. Periodically throughout this giveaway, I'll tweet or message the bloggers you guys mention too, because I think they should know someone out there loves them and what they're doing.

Sound easy? Sound happy and filled with love? Good! Get to commenting!

Extra Entries
Tweeting and/or Following my blog. While I'd appreciate multiple tweets to get more linkbacks to here, only one will actually count. I can't let non-tweeters inflate their chances! Make sure to let me know what option you've done in the comments, too!
[+1] Tweet about this. Make up your own if you want (make sure you link to this post AND tag me though! @italylove19), or you can use this: Celebrate @italylove19's bday! Tell her a book blog you love & win MILA 2.0 and/or LET THE SKY FALL (INT, ends 4/21)
[+1] Follow my blog. Via any way: GFC, Linky, RSS, email, etc - just make sure you tell me how and what name!

All my usual giveaway policies apply, please read them before commenting.
Ages 13 and up only.
May the odds be ever in your favor!



  1. I love Michelle Madow's blog! Its great! She has a great personality that comes out in her writing and she keeps people informed on her new writing projects and things like that. Thank you for this great giveaway and the chance to win!

  2. (US entrant) I LOVE the blog, Writer of Wrongs ( I look forward to receiving her emails every single day because, whether it be a book review or some sort of advice, the content is beneficial, informative and always, ALWAYS (without fail) makes me laugh.

    Sometimes all we need is a good laugh, right?

    +1 Tweet:
    +1 Follower: GFC, Jenna DeTrapani

    Good luck to all who enter!

    imakethegrade at gmail dot com

  3. One of my favorite blogs is Squeaky Books. I really enjoy Enna's blog because she's nice, always has interesting posts, and she has a lovely layout.

    GFC follower: Orchid Forsythia

  4. Both great books, thanks for the giveaway and Happy 26th!!

    I'm a big fan of Kat and Steph at Cuddlebuggery. They're both very funny and never pull any punches. Sometimes they curse, which isn't for everybody but I'm OK with it. They also follow the publishing news pretty carefully and put their own funny, irreverent spin on it. Check 'em out.

    I tweeted about the giveaway:

    I also follow your blog faithfully by email: carlscott(at)prodigy(dot)net(dot)mx

    Thanks again!

  5. Awesome giveaway books that I have been dying to read!

    I'm a big fan of my book blogger friend's blog. Liana at Book Addict is hilarious. Her blog is really pretty, but my favorite things about it are her reviews. She does quotes and commentary and she completely cracks me up! Check out her blog!

    I follow your blog by email: lexyher(at)yahoo(dot)com

    I tweeted about the giveaway:

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  6. I adore bookhound! She does the best reviews and giveaways! eclairre(AT)ymail(DOT)com

  7. Happy Birthday Ashley!! :D

    Faye over at A Daydreamer's Thoughts writes one of my favourite blogs. I love her review style, each paragraph has a sub-title, and when they're put together, they form a sentence about the book, which I think it genius.

    I tweeted here and I follow you via GFC (Hollie Skerry). And I'm an international entrant. :)

    Finally, thank you so much for linking to my blog! I absolutely adore yours, I have done ever since I began following it early last year. Now I'm going to stop rambling before I begin sounding like a massive suck-up. (I'm not, this blog just rocks. :D)

  8. Thank you for including me on your list! I'm so honored to be there along with many of the bloggers that I absolutely adore. I'm going to try to list a different blogger for this comment...

    Honestly, one of the MANY book bloggers I currently adore is Rachel from Hello Chelly ( She just started blogging about books fairly recently, but I've always found her thoughts to be spot on, brief, but well-written. I love that she injects bits of her personal life onto her blog too!

  9. Congrats and Happy Birthday!!!

    My favorite blog is O'Dell is an amazing blogger - his reviews are personal and informative, he tells us what he likes and why and his rating system really shows what parts of the novel get what grade.

    He's also an amazing guy - always replies to comments, has a great sense of humor and he's wonderful at blog design!! He's also a YA author with one published book and I'm sure many more on the way:))


    1 entry Blog follower by email ccfioriole at gmail dot com and by Linky Christina Kit. and by GFC Christina Kit. and by Twitter @christinafiorio

    1 entry Tweet

    ccfioriole at gmail dot com

    Thank you:))

  10. HAPPY BIRTHDAY :D This is an awesome giveaway, and thanks, but I don't want to be entered. And honestly, I don't think I could name just one blog I love. There are too many! Great post and enjoy your day Ashley :)

  11. Happy Birthday! :D
    I love the Story Siren. I like how honest her reviews are and her featured books that are coming out. :D Her blog is one that I use to keep up with the lastest news on new books. :D

  12. Happy birthday!

    My list of book bloggers is pretty long, but a few stand out. I love Kathy at I am a reader, not a Writer. She features lots of indie books and small press books. The books she reviews are always clean reads that i would share with anyone. And the blog hops she hosts are tons of fun.

    I also love Lena Sledge's blog ( I've followed her for years. She was one of the first review blogs I came across and she's always done a great job. She's also great for sharing personal stuff that I really connect to.

    +1 for following the blog here on GFC as Kayeleen Hamblin.
    +1 for tweeting here:

    kayejazz (at) gmail(dot)com

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  14. iamareader, always lots there, hard to keep up with that site! - regnod(at)yahoo(d0t)com

  15. One of my favorite blogs is ARCycling! I just love the IDEA of it. It gives small blogs like mine a chance to read and review ARCs. I've only done it once but I think it's really cool. Plus, it gives bloggers with too many ARCs a way to clear out some space on their shelves. Happy birthday!

    US. 77caterpillar[at]gmail[dot]com

  16. And I follow via GFC: Goo goo.

    US. 77caterpillar[at]gmail[dot]com

  17. Oh my. My heart soared when I noticed you included me in your list of beloved blogs! You are unbelievably sweet. Thank you. :) I love your blog as well! And happy birthday! I turn 26 in June, and I'm going back and forth between being happy and sad, too. I'll be closer to 30 than 20. That scares me... haha.

    Anyway, I love Alexa and Alexa Loves Books! I know you included her, so you totally know why I love her blog. She is everything I wished I was as a blogger. She is consistent, has great content, posts thorough reviews, ans is awesome at visiting blogs and commenting. She's awesome!

    Anyway, thanks for the opportunity to win! I'm a US reader, and I follow you via GFC/bloglovin'. :)

    - Jana @ That Artsy Reader Girl

  18. Happy birthday!!! I'm 26 and I know EXACTLY what you mean. I really thought my twenties would be so much different! I love your blog and you and how much you love other bloggers and this community!

  19. I really like Jamie's blog
    Her reviews are usually spot on and she has some really unique ideas! It's not just giveaways and memes!

    I tweeted:
    I follow GFC: mckaykelly
    I'm from the US :)
    And my email is kpoo18 at gmIl dot com


  20. I really love Cuddlebuggery because Kat and Steph don't hold anything back and it makes their posts so fun and interesting to read!

    International (Canada)

  21. I love reading the posts by Kat and Steph on Cuddlebuggery, because they're awesome. Haha, I'm just kidding, while they are awesome, I really love their "In 10 Lines" posts because they're absolutely hilarious (and they always manage to capture the essence of the book in just the 10 lines!)

    GFC: naralee94
    I'm INT (Australia)
    Email: naralee94(at)hotmail(dot)com

  22. I love the Reading Teen blog, because of the fun writing style and books that match my interests.

    spamscape [at] gmail [dot] com

  23. I'm international.

    GFC follower - Dovile

    spamscape [at] gmail [dot] com

  24. I would have to say The Story Siren, as Kristi's blog helped me through the rough beginning with my blog. I love reading her features, her reviews, EVERYTHING!

    +1 GFC: iLuvReadingTooMuch
    +1 Tweeted:

    Thanks for the amazing giveaway! Entering from the US :D

    iliveforreading AT hotmail DOT com

  25. I like Book Lantern, which is an offshoot of the Sparkle Project. The writer of this blog is really good at looking at YA critically and including a few social/femenist themes.

    kat @

  26. I follow and love so many great blogs, it's really hard to choose only one. I love visiting Fiktshun, because the blog looks beautiful along with the posts, it's easy to read and navigate, and I trust Rachel's reviews! She is simply amazing!
    Happy Birthday and thank you for the giveaway!

    +1 Linky follower: Veronika

    verusbognar (at) gmail (dot) com

  27. I follow a lot of book blogs but I have to say The Story Siren is my favorite. The blog is great and she is always consistent, there are always weekly memes or giveaways. Her reviews are honest and it definitely helps that I agree with her most of the time :)

    +1 GFC Follower- Tamara
    +1 Twiiter- @tamara216

  28. I follow a lot of great book blogs. My favorite is my dear friend, Trish at betweenthelinesisanendlessstory :) she is very book-- discussion centered! She's funny, too. We collaborated and designed a dust off your classics challenge, and were having a ball!


  29. I don't follow many blogs but one I constantly check and would absolutely recommend is Juhina and Farrah from- . I love them, theyre both sisters. Not only is their blog clean and cute but also i find they are trustworthy and i really take to heart and consideration what they review and say about a book. I especially look forward to one sister in particular- Juhina's reviews because I find we like the same books and so when she loves or hates a book- i usually do too! / Happy Birthday!! i just recently turned 24 so we r close in age... and thnx for this amazing giveaway!!! these books r on my wish list...

    i will also be tweeting about the giveaway @ReadingGalaxy



  30. Im also following thrue email ( & i might b following thru something else 2, too many ways to follow!

  31. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I know what you mean about dreading getting older, but also being happy at the same time (I'll be 24 in two months!) But you should be excited. Our 20's are some of our best years or so I'm told. I like the idea of this giveaway because it's spreading the love.

    One of my favorite bloggers is Gaby from Queen Ella Bee Reads because her posts are hilarious and snarky. She also has really good discussion topic/posts.

    +1 Twitter @HarleyBearBooks

  32. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! i LOVE this in Spanish
    I love it for the following reasons:
    1. blog design is simple, well-structured ... not so colorful, they make the design better than what she writes
    2. 2. The images seem real books .. looks 3d .. besides putting memes are in line with what she wants to express
    3. she have giveaway international...
    4. updated books that come out, the latest news of them
    5. puts the latest musical videos.

    follow; gfc: victoria peña

  33. I really like Brad Sells's blog called BookYaReview.

    I like it because he seems like a great kid who loves reading and talking about it. I must say I watch his Youtube videos a lot because he has pretty awesome book hauls! Like a lot of ya new releases! He has quite the book collection. :D More than anything, he makes me want to read more because of his enthusiasm about books!

    *I tweeted!: @Bookbrews
    *I followeD!: GFC: Darith L.

    EMAIL: Darith8ly(at)yahoo(dot)com

  34. is my favorite, although I have quite a few that I visit daily. She reviews a lot of the books that I like and has introduced me to new authors and saved me time by not reading certain books. I'm from the US
    magic5905 at embarqmail dot com

  35. INT entry.
    My favorite blog is and the reason is.. well it might be superficial but it's mostly because of the design of the blog. Actually all Rachel's blogs have awesome designs so I love spending time there. Of course the post are awesome too. There is always a book tour going on or a giveaway or something equally great and it's pretty to look at.

    Thanks for the great giveaway!

    +1 tweeted:
    +1 follow via GFC: Marti@SBBCreviews
    email: bymyself.g AT gmail DOT com

  36. INT :) But I have an US address, so I'm not sure :)

    My favorite blogger is ANNA from Sparkles and Lightning, she's somehow a soul sister! And I admire her vast knowledge regarding books and being able to balance her academics, extra-curricular festives and her book blog. This bias is very personal but then again that's why she become my favorite blogger. It's not just about books; she's very welcome-y and friendly, impossible not to like her!
    Being able to sustain her book blog and having this wide range of own books and incoming ARCs from publishers, it's really awesome how book bloggers have to continue sans the heavy pressure. Taking note of the cover reveals, organizing blog tours and giveaways! And the position against plagiarism.
    Views different from different people and if there is a book and I want a very honest point-of-view, Anna's reviews is a go-to place :D

    +1 Tweeted:
    +1 Followed via GFC: Jassie

    email: delacruz[dot]jas[at]gmail[dot]com

  37. First of all, happy belated birthday! Secondly, this is quite possibly the coolest giveaway idea I've seen. What a beautiful sentiment - there's so much negativity out there, and it's nice to see something so selfless and thoughtful. Kudos to you! :-)

    One of my favourite blogs/bloggers is Molli from Once Upon a Prologue ( Her reviews are honest, she writes great discussion posts, and for the last few weeks she's been hosting an Anna and the French Kiss read-along, which gave me the excuse to reread one of my favourite books ever. She's also a ton of fun to talk to on Twitter, and she leaves really lovely, thoughtful comments on people's blogs posts.

    +1 tweet:
    +1 subscribed by email (same as below)

    International entry

    ~Marie @ Ramblings of a Daydreamer

  38. Happy Birthday first of all! I hope you have had a beautiful day!

    My favourite book blog, well that's a hard one cause there are tons of 'epic' book blogs out there!
    But to tell you the truth I have been following The Perpetual Page Turner for a while and this blog was what inspired me to start my own blog!
    I had my blog for a while already but hadn't really figured out what to do with it yet. and after reading this blog for a while I just realized that the thing in the world I absolutely love is books and the swoon worthy YA boys!
    I love how her reviews make me laugh and inform me about her view on the book she's read. She's on twitter as well and always manages to crack me up or inspire me to read another book I've never heard of before!
    Furthermore, her blog has this really warm theme that just lures me in every time I visit her blog.

    Totally international over here, cause I live in The Netherlands
    My twitter account is @IrisjeXx
    my blog is:

  39. There are several really good book blogs for several different reasons. My favorite is Rockin'ReaderReviews+more. It isn't actually fully up yet but it is my wife's so it has got to be the best.


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